1974 Stag – RHD – original 4 speed overdrive car

We are out for a ride on a beautiful Sunday when a guy waives us down and tells us he has a Stag for sale. We follow him back to his house and find a pretty unique Stag. The car is a bit east of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA.

The current owner tells me he imported this car from New Zealand several years ago and used the car as his daily driver until two years ago. The car came from New Zealand with a TR6 engine installed, the engine transplant looks well executed. The engine started right up, but the owner admits the engine burns oil and needs attention. He claims the car drives as is.

The body appears to be quite solid with no rust evident, however I did not do a thorough inspection. The interior is chestnut, and matches the code on the commission plate so I suspect it is original to the car. The interior is worn, but certainly useable. The commission plate shows the paint code is 19, the car was white and was resprayed green. The pictures are a good representation of the car, the paint looks pretty good. The hood (top) appears to have spent most of it’s life retracted in it’s compartment behind the rear seat, and may be salvageable.

The owner is firm at $5000. Contact me for further details and I will put you in touch with the owner.

All pictures clickable for full size viewing.